Clear cast glass from an original in wood.  Two pieces back to back with black steel stand, 10 X 8 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches, 2014. $2500.
Dour to blissful, these two images are based on the haunting portrait of a young woman sensitively carved into one of the four houseposts of the Whale House of Klukwan, Alaska nearly 200 years ago where she is part of an imporant Tlingit native myth of the Northwest Coast.  To me she represents life, but only one part of it.  I carved a copy of her as she is, gently melancholy in thought, and then carved its opposite, a face of bliss and hope.  Same face, different moods.  Each was cast separately and then sealed together permanently with an epoxy resin adhesive.  Being in clear glass this work subtly takes on the tone of nearby colors and changes dramatically with either daylight or interior lighting.

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