Raven Portrait

Raven Portrait 
2017, 37 inches wide, 3/16 inches thick, iridescent blue ($1800), natural rust finish ($1200), other sizes available.

Raven is the mischievous culture hero and trickster of the Northwest Coast (and of the Siberian peoples as well), by far the most recurring image and myth character in the animal tales of the North Pacific. As a trickster he has been fittingly portrayed in the color version by an iridescent dark blue which, like the black/blue iridescent coloring of a raven’s real feathers, shifts in hue depending on the angle and light in which it is seen. I have done many raven images, mostly with a fully stylized body and wings. Considering his prominence I designed this “portrait” as a lone work in honor of Raven's place in the mythology of the northern coast.

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