2. Big Bird with Transforming Twins

Open edition, corten steel 48* w x about 30" w x 3/16" d

Open edition, corten steel 48 “ high x about 30" w x 3/16" d

Big Bird refers to the Raven of Northwest Coast myth and is a major one - how Raven stole the sun.  In this story he transforms himself to and from the state of a human child. In this view his Bird to Boy image is found on Raven's left shoulder, or wing, Boy to Bird on his right side. This is the complete frontal version. However, it has also been separated into two halves in a variety of sizes. See .3 and 4 and details

The Raven-sun myth tells of Grandfather who, with his daughter, lived in a pre-world of darkness.  He kept the sun in a box, often referred to as the Box of Daylight, protecting it from all.  Raven himself, who wanted this sun-light for his own uses, transformed himself into a spruce needle which was then accidentally swallowed by the daughter when she gathered water from a nearby stream.  With that Raven grew within her to a human child who, upon birth, quickly won the heart of his grandfather.  The story can be long and complex but in abbreviated form the boy pines for the box of daylight and when grandfather relents and gives it to him the boy transforms himself back into Raven, plucks the sun from its box and springs through the smoke hole of the house releasing light into the world as he does so.  Some view this as not only a story of creation but of the emergence of consciousness itself.
In this work it is the transformational aspects of the story that are emphasized.

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