4. Big Bird Transformation: Bird to Boy

Open edition, corten steel 42.75" h x 36"w x 3/16 deep

any size can be ordered

Big Bird can be divided into two parts and still retain its design sense as transformed works suggesting the story of how Raven stole the sun.  Each half becomes a profile.  In this one - Boy to Bird - the smaller figure on the “shoulder” of Big Bird, the Raven, represents that part of the Raven myth when he transforms himself from a human child (Raven in disguise) back into Raven himself and absconds with the sun.  The child is here seen in the midst of his transformation back into Raven showing his upper lip turning into a downturned beak as his bird talons and leg take shape.  A remaining hand and stylized arm can also be seen from his former disguise.
As a gate this could stand alone in any number of sizes.  Bolted, with standard hinges, to an upright in metal or wood it becomes a swinging gate or half of a wider gate which would be complete on its other side by 3.

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