1983, a serigraph in five colors, 32 X 30 inches,
edition of 195, signed, titled, numbered
on 100% cotton rag, archival quality
Initial edition, $400
Thunderbird is one of the most universal and well-known mythological figures from the old Northwest Coast.
Generally it tells the story of a gigantic supernatural being who, in some versions, has a human form and lives in the mountains. When he goes forth to find food he transforms himself after an immense eagle-like bird. His shadow darkens the sky, his wings cause thunder, and his tongue and eyes flash with lightning, sometimes interpreted as Lightning Snake. His strength is so great he lifts whales from the sea and his awesome path so charged with tumult that mankind is filled with wonder and alarm. These are among the reasons why Thunderbird is an important family crest among many coast native groups and why he stands atop so many of the more spectacular totem poles of the Northwest Coast.
This Thunderbird, in his full garb of myth and storm, is made somewhat more accessible than usual by a reminder of his human self - amused by the awe he has inspired - which peers out from his transformed body. The storm will pass.
Thunderbird is a five-color silk-screen (serigraph) print in traditional colors of the Northwest Coast. It draws its graphic inspiration from pan-coastal sources, but especially from the native styles of the Nootka and Kwakiutl peoples. It is printed on a 25% rag pH neutralized off white paper designed for screen printing.


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