Sea and Sky

2000, four color serigraph, 22 X 30, edition of 195
signed, titled and numbered. 100% cotton rag paper,
archival quality.
More than most this serigraph signifies the Northwest Coast itself on splendid days in Spring, Summer and Fall.  When great cumulous clouds stand over the sea and islands of the fjords, and arms, inlets and broad sea straits of British Columbia and Southeastern Alaska.  Calm days when eagles gather by the spiraling dozens and returning salmon begin to work their way up the rivers of “the Coast”.
Along with fishermen, there are great numbers of people, generations now, who have travelled the Inside Passage from Seattle or Vancouver to Skagway in Alaska.  I have travelled much of it in an 18-foot square-sterned canoe - aided by a two-house power-engine - exploring waterways and discovering the sites of largely unknown human histories.  The full book, perhaps a novel, on it all has yet to be written.  This print is but a small bright window on the best days of it’s natural self.
As of 2018 this is the last seregraph I have done.  Instead I have made several giclee prints since 2000.
Barry Herem

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