Tlingit Whale House of Klukwan

This is the Tlingit Whale House of Klukwan, Alaska as seen in about 1895 when this photograph was taken.  I include a few close ups to show the amount of detail that can be enjoyed.  This is surely one of the most striking ethnographic photographs ever taken of native people anywhere in the world in the 19th century. An essay describing all I know of this amazing image is included below.  I am very interested in learning anything more from those who have additional information.

The photograph can be ordered on heavy archival paper in two sizes.  It is a pleasure to live with, in large part because of the detail.

The larger and most popular size is 44 X 34 inches including a two-inch white border: $400. The smaller is half as big at 22 X 17 inches with two-inch white border $200.

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