Tlingit Whale House

Tlingit Whale House


I have recently had the original glass plate of this spectacular view of the interior of the Tlingit Whale House, 1895 from Klukwan, Alaska (photo by Winter and Pond of Juneau) digitized, cleaned up and more perfectly focused. The result is wonderful.

I have this image available on archival paper, but there is now a superior version printed on metal (aluminum sheet) for the best of all possible effects. Images are below, including a close up, and also a view of the archival paper version with its white margin set into an elegant frame.

The archival image on paper would be $440 including tax, the metal version closer to $1320 with tax. Critical is that the archival image ((abt 42 X 32 inches) would normally require a frame which I have found runs between $800 to $1000. Though the metal image can also be framed, it works especially well without one since the image is slightly reduced to run right up to the edges (30 X 40 inches) of what is a thin but hard flat permanent high gloss metal surface. I would say that it therefore stands alone as a modern museum/home display piece, frankly a show stopper, as you can imagine, and the price runs about the same as a framed paper one would.

I also have a half size paper image at 15 X 20 inches for $200.

I have added here a copy of my own interpretation of this wonderful photograph and would very much appreciate anyone's assessement of its accuracy, or comments about how it might be improved.