by Barry Herem represents a raptor as it arcs its head upward from a heady mid-air drop towards earth.

Wings spread, feathers flattened against its body, the bird is flared in the joy of flight just before changing directions. This has been a challenging piece in a 20-inch disc of etched and sandblasted glass.

The artist redesigned it many times with vectoring re-do's by both G. Szlanga (working from Poland) and T. Robinson (from Vancouver Island).

Robinson's actual work on the glass is the remarkable result of many years of experience so that the lines remained crisp, the openings unblemished and clear. The design was orginally conceived for use in a silkscreen print, circa 1978.

zrzut-ekranu-2017-10-02-o-07.10.00.png (459 x 450)